Burgers & BBQ Beef

Finest tasty lean burgers and a selection of BBQ beef that will keep all the family happy. 

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Each pack contains 4 plain 6oz burgers, home made with our finest lean mince steak and tasty seasoning.  


Eack pack contains 4 of our famous tasty 6oz burgers. These big boys contain black pepper and mixed herbs.  


Each pack contains 4 x 4oz peppered rump steaks. Our home made steak coater has a slight kick and these are fantastic under the grill or on the BBQ. 


Each pack contains 6 tender cubed rump steak kebabs coated in our speciality sweet chilli sauce. We recommend grilling on a high heat, turning frequently for no longer than 6 minutes. 


6 Large steak canadians per pack. A quick meal for all the family. Cook in a hot frying pan  for 40 seconds either side.