Sliced Cooked Meats, Pork Pies & Cheeses

Cooked on the premises, no added water or additives you will love our selection. All our meats are cooked in special insulated cooking bags that lock in flavours and ensures a tender finished product. The meats are left to cool overnight in their own juices to ensure a moist natural product.

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Made on the premises these pies are packed full of meat, leaving just enough room for a touch of gelatine. We cook these pies to perfection. They are a meal in themselves. 


Each pack contains approximately 5 slices /  250g of our fantastic ham. Our roast ham in mild and tasty. 


Each pack contains approximately 5 slices /  250g of our fantastic roast beef. Our roast beef has no added water, cut straight from the block and into the oven.


Each pack contains approximately 8 slices /  250g of our pressed beef. The pressed beef is really tasty. Try it on hot toast. You will love it.


We cook our delicious chickens on a daily basis. Weighing 1.6 kg raw, there is plenty of meat to keep all the family happy. 


Just wanting a quick snack our half cooked chickens will hit the spot.