Whole chickens & Fillets

A selection of cuts, high welfare chickens and fresh boneless breasts. 

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Bird weight approximately 2kg. This locally supplied juicy chicken should feed 6 people.    


Each pack contains 2 x 8oz chicken fillets. Not sure what your doing with your chicken then buy fillets. Easy to dice, cut into strips or butterfly.


Each pack contains 500g of diced breast. Fantastic for all your curries and casseroles. 


Each pack contains 500g of chicken strips. Cut into strips from our finest chicken fillets.


Each pack contains 4 juicy chicken legs.


Each pack contains 1kg, approximately 6-8 boneless thighs. Excellent for curries or casseroles.


Eack pack contains 1kg, approximately 10 wings. We recommend 40 minutes in the oven for the best results. Finishing them off on the BBQ for a crispy coating is optional.